• Deers are lovely creatures – usually well liked by everyone.


  • Friendly and helpful – they wouldn’t hurt a fly.


  • Others can take advantage of them, if they are not careful.


  • They are often afraid of taking risks.


  • In the herd, Deers look after and support each other.


  • Deers do not need to be the centre of attention.


These creatures are happiest in a supporting role and they tend to make excellent P.A.s and Counsellors.  Deers do not like high profile positions, where they have to make decisions that are outside their area of expertise.  Customer Service or administrative work often appeals to these characters.


Friends and colleagues are normally impressed with the Deers’ kindness, warmth, empathy and understanding. These creatures are usually patient and tolerant; they avoid imposing their views on others.  Deers are good listeners and have the knack of making others feel wanted and needed.


Doing things for colleagues motivates characters of this type - they will do things for others that they would not do for themselves.  They enjoy listening and are inspired by being of service, rather than by achievement.Deers try to maintain a harmonious atmosphere; they need a safe, stable environment where they can work in an even-paced, consistent and predictable fashion.  Creatures like this tend to maintain a low profile in confrontational situations – they tolerate a difficult situation rather than tackle it.


Deers need to be careful that colleagues do not take advantage of their time and their generosity.  They don’t like to disappoint others and as a result, sometimes find it hard to say ‘no’. However, that can in turn lead to stress and anxiety, if they feel they are letting associates down.  Because they are group-interested, these characters will tend to compromise their own needs to satisfy the priorities of others.  On occasions they can be overly flexible and too trusting.


Experience tells us that Deers like to be organised.  They can sometimes be territorial and do not easily accept intrusion into their space.  They find it hard to make demands on others and can be indirect when giving instructions.  Characters of this type need honest, unpretentious and caring friends around them.   Colleagues need to appreciate their contribution, but not allow them to take on too much.  Deers like to take their time when making decisions and will often appreciate support to reinforce their thought processes.  They do not like taking risks.